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Reika R35B Rambler Beadlock | Machined Clear

by Reika
SKU R35790125136BL
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The R35 Rambler now comes crafted in a true beadlock design as well as the original simulated beadlock style. True beadlock wheels enhance tire stability and reliability during rugged terrain adventures by firmly clamping the tire bead between the wheel’s outer ring and the inner bead seat, preventing it from de-beading. In addition, beadlock wheels allow off-roaders to air down tires for increased traction and improved off-road.


Vehicle Fitment




  • 6 split-spoke wheel
  • Simulated bead lock trim
  • Constructed with flow form manufacturing for light weight and durability
  • Finishes are durable and easy to maintain
  • compatible with OE TPMS sensors

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