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Level Up Suspension Tie Rod Sleeves | 2021+ Ford Bronco

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Our Level Up Suspension Bronco Tie Rod Sleeves are deigned to replace the factory lock nut that sits against your OEM tie rod end. Installing the sleeve drastically increase the strength of the tie rod. It's shorter length strengthens the tie rod without covering the wrench flats. Additionally not covering the entire tie rod still leaves a smaller diameter at the top to allow breakage to aide in not damaging the rack in extreme situations.


  • 304 Stainless steel for optimal corrosion resistance and ease of alignment
  • Perfect upgrade for customers running larger wheel and tire combos
  • Made in USA


  • Other Powder coated Tie Rod Sleeves leave the threads raw allowing for corrosion between the sleeve and the tie rod causing rusting and seizing later
  • Other tie rod sleeves cover the inner tie rod adjuster flats making it hard to adjust the toe especially as the vehicle ages and parts corrode


  • (2) Tie Rod Sleeves
  • (1) Anti Seize


  • 2021+ Ford Bronco
  • Does not fit Bronco Raptor
  • Does not fit Bronco with Hoss 3.0


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